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  • How to set up and follow a proven success system.


  • The importance of Duplication and how to do it effectively.


  •  How to handle objections and stay motivated at all times.


  • How to do invitation and follow up like a pro.


  • Simple business presentations that will guarantee an increase in your sign up rate.


  • Effective closing strategies.


  • Invitation scripts that are easily duplicated.


  • The simple tools needed to get started.


  • The mindset and the belief needed to make it thro' the first 90 days.


  • A series of success strategies that you can apply to instantly provide you with positive results.


  • The Four Phases of Network Marketing.


  • The Success Cycle.


  • The Ultimate Success Formula that all Top Performers apply to get outstanding results.


  • How to enjoy and reap the benefits and rewards from the "Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World".


  • And many more benefits and business building ideas that you need to read and find out for yourself.

This book is a "gem" to have. It is a training manual and guide for anyone who is serious about the business of network marketing and MLM.

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I am particularly impressed with Chapter seven of your book entitled, "Put On The Show." You have done a great job in explaining in detail the different proven methods of showing prospects the many benefits of joining the business. I have been involved in only one Network Marketing business and at some point have used all four of the methods you illustrated. Each one has worked for me.

John Hendrickson : Network Marketer

Building a network marketing business will be much easier if you have this book to guide you. Get a few copies and pass it to your leaders. Teach them to duplicate!

Major(Rtd) C. Mohan : Author of "Think Network Marketing & Grow Rich"

This book is more of a detailed training manual for success. Anyone serious about network marketing as a business should have a copy of this book for their reference.

Arthur F. Carmazzi : Speaker and Author of "The 6 dimensions of Top Achievers"

This is a fantastic book for those who are serious about the business of network marketing and MLM. The ideas and strategies are simple and effective.

Richard Tan : MD of Success Resources Pte Ltd and Co-Author of "201 Simple Ideas to make more $$$ in Network Marketing"


Network Marketing is considered by many experts to be one of the best business model and the "Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World". However, it is sad that many network marketers never make it through the first 90 days of their network marketing career. The Insider Secrets to Network Marketing will provide you with all the "honest" and "down-to-earth" ideas and information in order to help you make it through your first 90 days.

The ebook will reveal to you the necessary information in order for you to begin your network marketing career on the "right footing".

By reading this book you will discover how to chose the "right" company to represent.

You will avoid the following pitfalls...

  • Representing "Pyramid" based companies that operate under the guise of network marketing. Representing these companies will eventually get you into financial and legal problems.


  • Working hard in your network marketing business BUT finding out later that the company you are representing has changed management, changed its compensation plan (to prevent you from earning more income) or has ceased operation. You will discover how to make the right choice of company to represent.


  • Getting frustrated and discouraged because you had been promised of instant wealth and fame. Network marketing is based on a "working plan" and not a quick-get-rich scheme. Again you will be informed in this book so that you will avoid these companies and organizations.


I know you're probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but think about this - if you keep doing the same things over and over again - you'll only succeed in getting the same results. That's why I want to let you try out 'The Insider Secrets to Network Marketing'..... Completely and totally risk-free! (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

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The Insider Secrets to Network Marketing will reveal to you the potential benefits of Network Marketing and why it is simply the best choice. It will explain to you the difference between linear income and multiplex income. You will discover how to become a "Pipeline Builder" rather than a "Bucket Carrier".

This book will also prepare your mindset for network marketing and will teach you how to get yourself organized, set goals and develop the attitude of persistency.

The Insider Secrets to Network Marketing is suitable for network marketers at all levels. For those who are already successful, a simple idea from this book may be able to super-charged you to greater heights. This book can also be an excellent source of training material for your downline organization. Educating your downline organization is a MUST and this book will help you leverage your time.

For those new in the business, this book will mentally prepare you to make it past your first 90 days! Once you make it through the first 90 days, this book will guide you to move on to higher level of achievements.

Regardless of which network marketing company you represent the basic concepts and strategies in this book will be relevant.

Why "The Insider Secrets to Network Marketing"

is different from others...


  • This book is written by a successful network marketer. A person who is actively involved with the network marketing industry as an active distributor. He has been involved with the network marketing industry for more than 10 years, and have trained and inspired thousands of network marketers to success.


  • This book is simple to read and comprehend. The contents are geared towards the practical aspect of how to follow a duplicable system and having the right 'mindset'.


  • The tools, ideas, and success strategies outlined in the book are simple and easy to implement. Simplicity and effectiveness is the strength of the book.


  • The book is suitable for all level of network marketers regardless of which particular network marketing company you represent. It will provide the newbie with a good solid foundation, and the serious network marketers with excellent "duplicable" training materials for their organization.

About the author

Richard Quek is a Chartered Accountant by profession having more than 20 years experience as a practicing accountant. He had been involved with the network marketing industry for more than 10 years. He had achieved success with an international network marketing company and had trained and motivated many networkers to success. He had first hand experience in the network marketing field and is currently still involved in building his organization.

He is the author of the motivational book, "Cappuccino & Success". His main area of interest are Goal Setting, Leadership Training, Communication Skills, Success Attitudes and Team Building.

Richard Quek is also the author of the Internet marketing books, "The Internet Money Machine", "EXPOSED!" and "ZOOM To Super Success". He is currently giving seminars and talks on the subject of Internet marketing.

Network marketing is his passion and he unselfishly shares his experience and knowledge in "The Insider Secrets to Network Marketing".

This book is definitely for you if....

  • You are new to network marketing and need to obtain additional information to make a decision whether to get involved.


  • You are a serious network marketer and is planning to make network marketing a career. This book will provide you with the information in order to guide you on the right pathway.


  • You desire to achieve financial freedom and financial security. Network marketing is one of the best vehicle and this book will show you "why" and "how".

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